Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan is a renowned landscape photographer who is currently based in Bali, Indonesia. He is a visual artist known for his breathtaking images of nature and remote landscapes. Daniel developed a passion for photography at a young age and began exploring the natural world through his camera’s lens.


Daniel’s work often features stunning landscapes, including majestic mountains, serene lakes, and ethereal auroras. He has a unique ability to capture the beauty and mystique of remote locations, showcasing their grandeur and immersing viewers in a sense of awe.


Daniel Kordan has gained international recognition for his photography, winning numerous awards and accolades. He is a frequent speaker at photography conferences and workshops, where he shares his expertise and inspires other photographers to push the boundaries of their creativity.


In addition to his photography, Daniel is a passionate educator, conducting photography workshops and expeditions to various locations around the world. Through his workshops and only tutorials, he helps aspiring photographers refine their skills and discover their own artistic vision.


Daniel Kordan’s work has been published in prestigious magazines and exhibited in galleries worldwide. His photographs have a wide-reaching impact, evoking a sense of wonder and encouraging viewers to appreciate and protect the natural world.


Daniel is a brand ambassador for Nikon, Gitzo and DJI. He currently owns and operates a tour company based in Dubai and a second one based in Bali, Indonesia.