Joshua Hermann

Joshua grew up in southeast Louisiana where he was surrounded by the beauty of swamp and marsh lands since he was a child. This love of the outdoors and the importance of wetland protection has stayed with him throughout his life. He started an outfitting service to share the swamps of Louisiana with visitors from around the globe. 

He has been guiding photographers and tourists from around the world in the swamps of Louisiana for over a decade. Now a full time photographer and guide, his goal is to promote the importance and protection of these imperiled wetlands through photography and education on tours. While he finds photographic inspiration in natural areas anywhere his travels take him, he is most at home when exploring and photographing bayous and waterways of the southern USA. 

He is the Epson International Pano Awards Open Photographer of the Year 2021 and his images have been in numerous publications. He is currently working on a book about Louisiana and its ecosystems.