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The Faroe Islands

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Journey into the windswept reaches of the Faroe Islands, a forgotten archipelago of volcanic islands! Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, this unspoiled wonderland is a photographer’s paradise, connected by bridges and tunnels that curve around breathtaking cliffs.

The many mountains, valleys and grassy heathlands of the Faroes are home to an abundance of seabirds, including puffins, skuas, fulmars… as well as over 80,000 sheep which outnumber residents 2:1!

Over six unforgettable days, we’ll make our way across this unexplored utopia, meandering through traditional villages, astonishing landscapes and majestic fjords, where dramatic coastlines meet jagged mountain peaks towering over the shores.

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July 2024

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  • Two Professional photo guides.
  • All Transportation.
  • Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses. Rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Full board during workshop.
  • Transfer from and to Airport.
  • International flights
  • Alcohol, snacks and beverages


Day 1

You'll arrive at Vágar, the only airport in the Faroe Islands. We recommend that you fly from Reykjavik in Iceland or Copenhagen in Denmark. The flight will take approximately 1.5 hours. Your scheduled arrival time in the Faroes should be no later than 17:00.


Our accommodation will be at the Vágar airport hotel. We'll meet together as a group for a welcome dinner in the evening, where there will be a chance to get to know your fellow travellers a little better and to discuss the itinerary for the days ahead.


After dinner, we'll make our way towards the village of Gásadalur, where we will capture the beautiful waterfall Múlafossur as the sun begins to set. Tucked away amongst lush green fields and plunging off the side of a cliff into the ocean below, this waterfall is easily one of the most breathtaking sights in the Faroes.

Day 2

We'll rise early for breakfast before taking a ferry to Mykines, the westernmost of the 18 main islands of the Faroe archipelago. Perched high above the ocean, the 100-year old Holmur lighthouse on Mykines makes for a stunning subject as waves crash against its sides.


Along the way, we'll encounter puffins nesting along the sea cliffs. These little seabirds are quite friendly, so get ready for a memorable experience!


Aside from puffins, the area is home to a number of other species of seabirds, including oystercatchers, snipes, gannets, fulmars, arctic terns, arctic skuas, guillemots, curlews and kittiwake. Wildlife lovers will rejoice in the opportunity to photograph them nesting in their natural habitats, surrounded by unspoiled scenery.


In the evening, we'll catch the ferry back towards Vágar island for dinner, before heading out for a sunrise sesion at the Tindhólmur islet in Bour village.

Day 3

On this day, we'll get up early for a morning hike to Leitisvatn before the sun rises. This is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands and it is quite an extraordinary sight to behold. It's a photographer's dream, situated atop a dramatic cliff-face, with a waterfall that spills from the side into the ocean waves below. The hike to get to the lake will take us about an hour, though we'll be rewarded with spectacular views as the sunrise takes hold.


Thereafter, we'll return to our hotel and check out, before moving on north towards Gjógv, the northern-most village on the island of Eysturoy.


The evening will be spent exploring the nearby Saksun village, located on a remote hillside on the shores of the fjord. As the sun sets, this enchanting village of old sheep farms resembles something out a fairytale, with its many turf houses bathed in warm, golden light.

Day 4

We'll rise early on day four and head out to shoot the sunrise at the old wooden church of Funningur. This grass-covered church makes for a charming subject on a mountainous backdrop with the mouth of the fjord in the distance.


After this, we'll return to the hotel for breakfast and a short rest.


The afternoon will be spent on Kalsoy island, dubbed “the flute” because of it's thin shape and many road tunnels. With numerous mountain peaks, undulating valleys and breathtaking views, this island offers up a wealth of compositions for us to take advantage of through the day. We'll take a stroll to the Kalsoy lighthouse for an astonishing panoramic vista, before making our way to the Viðareiði church for sunset. Located in the foothills of a mountain, this church makes for the perfect subject as the sun nears the horizon, casting the area in an enchanting light.

Day 5-7

On these days, we will explore different islands of Streymoy, Eysturoy and Kalsoy.


Streymoy Island is the largest island in the Faroes and offers plenty of incredible landscapes for photography. We'll be visiting the black sand beach at the small village of Tjørnuvík and catching a view towards Eysturoy Island across the ocean. Next, we'll explore the charming turf-roofed houses of Saksun, dotted across the valleys and surrounded by stunning mountainous scenery. Nearby is the famous Fossá waterfall, tumbling from a height of 140 metres. It makes for a wonderful composition during sunset, as it drops in two tiers.


Eysturoy Island has quaint houses surrounded by lush vegetation on the backdrop of amazing mountains, this village offers a lot in terms of compositions and is a great base for the next few days of our trip. After a long day of exploring the island, we'll journey to the village of Funningur for a sunset session at the old Funningur Church. With its grassy roof, wooden design and perfect position at the mouth of a fjord, this church is a stunning place to capture the last rays of blazing light as the sun skims close to the horizon.


On the day that we visit Kalsoy, we'll rise early and take a ferry ride to the island of Kalsoy, where we'll witness one of the most iconic views in the Faroe Islands. An easy hike will take us to an astonishing viewpoint looking out towards the spectacular Kallur Lighthouse, dwarfed by the sheer cliffs surrounding it that reach towards the horizon of the sea. To the west, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Eysturoy Island, while Kunoy and Viðoy islands lay to the east In the afternoon, we'll visit the village Viðareiði to capture the beautiful sights of the surrounding cliffs from a panoramic viewpoint. There is a wonderful composition of the Viðareiði church to be explored, with a huge mountain in the background and the open water at its base.

Day 8

This will be our final day in the Faroes. After breakfast, we'll return to the airport, aiming to arrive around 11am. From there, you'll be able to arrange your return flight home, or onwards to your next destination – no doubt with a host of new friends, plenty of wonderful memories, and memory cards full of beautiful photos to remember your adventure in the Faroe Islands.


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The Faroe Islands

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